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More adults than ever before are opting to receive orthodontics. Adult orthodontics can help patients improve their smiles even later on in life. Leaving teeth misaligned or crooked can lead to other dental issues, such as decay and gum disease.

Adult orthodontics can help you straighten your teeth even later on in life. Our team at Gainesville Orthodontics in Gainesville and the surrounding area can help. Call us today at 571-367-3390 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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Getting Orthodontic Treatment As An Adult

Childhood is often an ideal time to receive orthodontic treatment. However, it is never too late to receive orthodontic treatment. In 2016, approximately 1,690,000 adults received treatment from American and Canadian members of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO). When determining whether a patient is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, we consider various factors.

Contrary to popular belief, age is rarely the deciding factor when getting orthodontic treatment. With technology and technique improvements, adults can have as successful treatments as younger patients. While certain procedures are more effective on child patients, there are many procedures that benefit adults as well. Adult orthodontics can treat many of the same malocclusions and alignment concerns as orthodontics for kids or teens.

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Adult Orthodontics Options

Fortunately for adults, orthodontic options are available that are easier to manage and not as noticeable. Depending on their needs and preferences, adults can choose from various orthodontic appliances. While traditional braces effectively straighten teeth, some adults may not want to wear their visible metal wires and brackets.

These patients may benefit from the nearly invisible appearance of clear aligners like Invisalign® or ceramic braces. For adults looking for a more comfortable and efficient treatment method, self-ligating braces like Damon braces may be an option. Our team will help patients determine the right orthodontic option and create a customized treatment plan to produce optimal results.

Who Can Receive Adult Orthodontics

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. Adult orthodontics can help patients with issues, including crowded and crooked teeth, bite issues, uneven spacing, and more. While many adults can receive great results, there are some factors to consider before seeking treatment.

Since adult bones have stopped growing, adult orthodontic patients may require additional treatments to achieve certain changes. For example, some structural changes are not possible without the addition of oral surgery. Adults with gum disease or other dental issues will also require treatment before they can begin orthodontic treatment. Overall, adult orthodontics may take longer to complete than for a child or teen.

Tips for Patients With Adult Orthodontics

Like any patient with orthodontics, adults must also take care of their appliances to keep them functional and clean. An excellent oral hygiene routine is a crucial part of maintaining orthodontics. People must brush their teeth after every snack and meal, not only twice a day. Flossing is also critical at least once a day to clean between teeth.

We also recommend taking precautions to protect braces, aligners, or retainers from damage. Patients should avoid chewing hard objects and chewing crunchy, sticky, and chewy foods. Our team will provide patients with the necessary tips and instructions to maintain their orthodontics and oral health during treatment.

Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

There are many benefits to seeking orthodontics as an adult. Orthodontic issues can raise cosmetic concerns as adults may feel self-conscious about smiling and interacting with others with crooked teeth. Adult orthodontics can straighten teeth so that people can smile with confidence and raise their self-esteem to improve their personal and professional relationships. A 2019 study in the journal, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, found that adult orthodontics significantly increased dental self-confidence.

Getting orthodontics later in life can also help patients fix long-standing dental issues. Straight teeth not only look better but also function better. Crowded or crooked teeth can make teeth difficult to clean and reduce the risk of developing decay and gum disease. Patients with certain speaking difficulties, excessive muscular stress in the mouth may also find relief with adult orthodontics.

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Advancements in adult orthodontics mean that treatment is more comfortable and discreet than ever. Our team at Gainesville Orthodontics can help. Call us today at 571-367-3390 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an initial orthodontic consultation?

During the initial orthodontic consultation, patients will explain their concerns and smile goals to our orthodontist. We will examine the patient’s mouth and take X-rays and photos. After we will discuss recommended treatment plans.

What should I expect after I complete orthodontic treatment?

After patients complete orthodontic treatment, they will usually need to wear a retainer. Retainers are custom-made devices that hold teeth in place until they fully remineralize after active orthodontic treatment. Without wearing a retainer, newly straightened teeth are likely to relapse and return to their original position.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic appliance that is virtually invisible. They consist of clear, flexible plastic trays that fit tightly over teeth. Patients will wear a series of these aligners that pressure teeth with gentle, controlled forces to move them into alignment over time.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces move teeth similarly to traditional braces, but with ceramic components. Rather than silver or gray metal brackets or archwires, ceramic braces utilize clear or tooth-colored brackets that blend in better with teeth. While they are less visible, ceramic braces are less durable than traditional braces.

Can I still get orthodontic treatment if I am missing some teeth?

It will depend on which teeth the patient is missing. Depending on the situation, we may choose to move the neighboring teeth together or keep the space open for an implant. We will carefully examine the patient to determine the best option for their needs.