Space Maintainers

Space maintainers play a vital role in pediatric orthodontics, ensuring the proper development of a child’s dentition. These devices are recommended when a primary tooth is prematurely lost, helping preserve space for the permanent tooth and preventing potential alignment issues.

Preserving Natural Alignment

We recognize the significance of maintaining proper spacing in a child’s mouth. Space maintainers are strategically placed by our orthodontist and team to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting into the vacant space, preserving the natural alignment of the developing dentition.

Customized Solutions for Every Child

Our orthodontic team specializes in creating individualized treatment plans for each child. Dr. Peter Yi takes into account the unique needs of every patient, ensuring that space maintainers are precisely designed and placed to provide optimal results.

Preventing Future Complications

Timely intervention with space maintainers can prevent a cascade of orthodontic issues, including crowding, misalignment and bite irregularities. By addressing the loss of primary teeth early on, we set the stage for a healthier and more stable permanent dentition.

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